Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Hidden Talent

Tonight, plinky asks "What is your hidden talent?"

A good question. My youngest daughter was looking over my shoulder and suggested "guitar!" Maybe. Certainly, I have tried to teach myself guitar. A couple of times... Why? Well, a couple of years ago, I went to a Free At Noon concert hosted by WXPN. It was a Neil Finn concert. They were holding a draw to win a free electric guitar, signed by the man himself. So, I entered. And they drew the name was Stephen! However, he wasn't there any more (apparently not a big Neil Finn fan).

They drew a second name out of the hat was me! I rushed up on stage and claimed my prize. Naturally, I decided to learn how to play. (Truth to be told, I had learnt a couple of chords many years before during my Uni days). For a little while, I learnt, mainly by watching teach yourself guitar videos on YouTube. I got as far as barre chords...and that's where it ended. I have meant to pick it up again, but haven't yet. Maybe that will be my next 100 Day Experiment?

Well, I would say that - as far as a hidden talent goes - guitar playing is pretty hidden. Fun, though.

No, my real hidden talent is - wrapping presents. Yes! Amazingly enough, this is one of the few non-computer-related things that my entire family delegates to me. I don't know why, but I do seem to be pretty good at it. I don't think I wrapped many (any?) presents as a child. But I do remember watching a shop assistant wrap something in a department store as a young lad. And I recall taking careful note of how she did it. It still influences my technique, to this day.

There you have it: I'm a secret wrapper.

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