Friday, May 14, 2010

SKOS and Protoge HOWTO

In the IPTC, we are doing some work to figure out how to represent the IPTC Controlled Vocabularies as Linked Data.  We've decided to use SKOS as the RDF Vocabulary.  One of the things we wanted to do was to use a tool that "understands" SKOS.  We decided to look at Protoge for this.  Here are the steps we figured out to make it work (for some values of work):

Download version 4.0.2 from
-          Install it in your PC
-          Add the SKOSed plugin (use Check for plugins... item under File)
-          Add the Pellet Reasoner plugin
-          (you have to restart Protege before the new plugins are active)
-          Add Views to the Individuals tab: SKOSed view -> Inferred Concept Hierarchy + SKOS Usage
-          Then you may load a SKOS vocabulary – but only with narrower and broader relationships, does not work with the ...Transitive variants.
-          Then you should run the Pellet Reasoner against this vocabulary
-          Only then you should see the hierarchy in the Inferred Concept Hierarchy frame.
(JPE later adds "I have declared the narrower and broader properties as "transitive" using protégé and it  works.")

Posting them here, to make it easier for me to find (and maybe to help others).

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