Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Making Progress on Rights - W3C Permissions Obligations and Expressions First Public Working Drafts

I've been working within W3C's Permissions & Obligations Expression (POE) Working Group as an Invited Expert. We have just issued our First Public Working Drafts:
"one" by Andre Chinn
The W3C POE WG aims to create recommendations for permissions, obligations and licensing statements for digital content. The WG is using the W3C ODRL Community Group specifications as the starting point for its work. These are the same specifications which form the foundation of IPTC's RightsML work.
"poe" by 为民 王
If you're interested in digital content, then I recommend looking at - and commenting on - the W3C POE drafts. The ODRL Information Model describes the foundational concepts, entities and relationships of ODRL. The ODRL Vocabulary & Expression describes how to encode the ODRL model in XML, JSON and RDF.
"Use in case of emergency" by Katia Sosnowiez
The POE WG has also published the Use Case and Requirements Note. I have contributed one of the Use Cases: News Permissions and Restrictions. Again, the Working Group is looking for feedback on - and contributions to - the Use Cases, so that it can derive a detailed set of requirements for the POE work.

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