Friday, October 4, 2013

iCloud and the Kindness of Strangers

Yesterday, I lost my phone.

Don't Worry - This Story has a Happy Ending
After emerging from a rehearsal for the forthcoming production of Spamalot, I dropped my phone. By the time I made it to my car, I realized I had dropped it somewhere between there and the rehearsal room. So, I proceeded to hunt everywhere for it, but to no avail. Kind friends also helped me search everywhere. But it was gone!

Gradually, the full magnitude of the situation hit me. I rely on my phone to help me navigate my life, in every sense. Then I remembered that I had signed up for "Find My iPhone". I'd never tried it or even investigated it. But it seemed worth a shot.

Find Your Phone, Find Your Phone!
I drove home from the theatre, dejected. Then I did some research and followed the quick and easy steps:

1. I logged into iCloud, which I'd never done before
2. I clicked on the friendly radar style symbol for "Find My iPhone"
3. I picked my iPhone from the list of various Apple devices I have apparently registered over the years
4. It showed me where my iPhone was! Back at the theatre, which I kind of knew. But it was nice to know it was still there, as of a minute earlier.
5. I then clicked on the "Lost Mode" and set up a phone number to call and a message to display. I could have set up a passcode, but I already have enabled maximum security for my phone

Almost instantly, someone called me on the number, from my phone! It turns out that someone from another show (Big River) rehearsing at the same theatre had found my phone and turned it in. Soon enough, I was reunited with My Precious...

Lessons Learned
I learnt that I should be just a bit more careful with my phone, of course. And how bereft I felt without it. But that the Find my iPhone technology was quick, easy and effective. Although all that fancy technology would have been worthless, if it hadn't been a simple act of kindness by someone who didn't know me and whom I am unlikely to be able to repay.

Although, I could repay them by going to see their show... If you're anywhere near, you should go see Big River before October 13th. And, while you're at it, why not get tickets for Spamalot, too?

But, before you do anything, check you know where you phone is.