Wednesday, December 9, 2020

If You're a Student or Recent Graduate, I Can Help you Get an Internship or Job at Amazon

Amazon has a lot of student opportunities, including internships. If you're a recent graduate, and so interested in a full time position, then checkout the link.

Amazon is pretty transparent about how it interviews people. These videos are a good overview for SDEs. They are made by actual Amazon employees (the third one is by my colleague, Samir):

I didn't interview as an intern, but I did look up what Glassdoor had to say about the process and it was accurate about what I had to do. So these descriptions about process and questions are probably accurate,6_KO7,13.htm

Right now, we are only interviewing and working remotely (until at least June 2021).

Good luck!

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Working at Amazon

Since August 2019, I've been working at Amazon Web Services. Six months in, and it has been a really great experience!

Can I help you get a job at Amazon? Yes, I can! I suggest looking at the roles available at Amazon Jobs. Pick out one or two and then contact me, before you apply. I can help you understand how those jobs fit within the organization. And maybe help you identify other roles which might also be a good (or a better) fit for you. I can refer you internally, if you like, which can help get you in front of the hiring manager. And I can give you tips on the interview process, including the importance of the Amazon Leadership Principles. If things progress well, I can even give you some advice on negotiating your compensation. (Amazon's compensation package is quite different from that at other companies).

There is a ton of opportunity at Amazon. Some people love it, others hate it. I love it :)